"The Halo" #dougshatoftheweek

"The Halo" is a porkpie style hat. It is what is classified as a 50/50 hat with the crown being charcoal in color and the brim being made of burgundy. It is made of 100 percent beaver felt. This custom made pin features a mother of pearl pin and ribbon work reaching to the heavens. You'll notice that the reverse hat, "El Diablo Rojo" is in the background. All of my hats are made to order by JW Custom Hats. The custom made suit and shirt were both made for me by Tailor Cooper

How many hats do you have? Doug's Hat of the Week #1

I'm known as the #tvhatguy. I started wearing hats on the recommendation of my doctor after having surgery to remove a tumor in my cheek...but that's another story. All of my hats have names and a story behind the name. On the suggestion of a co-worker and with the help of an awesome photographer, Chris Dickinson, I'm starting posting on social media #dougshatoftheweek . Here's week #1 - "El Diablo Rojo" - This is a 50/50 burgundy and charcoal hat made of 100% beaver. There i