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Doug Jessop is the hat-wearing, "TV Good News Guy",
that shares Powerful, Positive & Inspirational Stories
on multiple TV stations with features including:

Jessop's Journal
Veteran Salute Stories

Family Heritage Stories
TV Garden Guy
Your Hygiene Matters
Jessop's Journeys
Jobs of the Week

brandon fugal and doug jessop

"You uplift our community Doug Jessop ! So glad to be with you brainstorming on the most exciting new things shaping our community!"

Terry Grant and Doug Jessop

"With so much negativity in the world today, Doug provides positive and uplifting stories that are both inspirational and motivating for us the viewer.  I am grateful for people like Doug Jessop that brings these stories to life.  A business or event would be fortunate to be highlighted on Jessop’s Journeys.”

Doug Jessop and Nicole Martin

"By partnering with a news personality, we were able to highlight our economic themes through conversational interviews with key influencers. Video is such a powerful medium to educate and engage - and Doug Jessop brings the personality and skill to truly make a difference."

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